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war!!!! rumors of war!!!! haiz the whole world lao sai.... i guess welcome to world war 3
2 days · translate
I am currently living in sarawak kuching, seeing so many construction and future projects and many ongoing developments especially in samarahan area and 7th mile area.... minetec should be doing better or even outperform.... go go go Sarawak
2 weeks · translate
lol... ini casino paling besar, KLSE, see chance then semua ALL in, once hit target semua ALL OUT
3 weeks · translate
aiya kena tahan until next round....nvm la
3 weeks · translate
i see... if ken appears means good news, then i will all in for even newer high, RM 4? HAHAHA
3 weeks · translate
kena kencing
3 weeks · translate
haiz.... sifu masuk cepat lari pun cepat
3 weeks · translate
hahahaha perangkap ikan bilis
3 weeks · translate
fingers crossed.... hopefully close above 165
3 weeks · translate
hi i am back....gogogo minetec, rocket booster in, sifu masuk goreng to 0.2 please....
3 weeks · translate
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