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4 days down down up down.. any code?
2 weeks · translate
T4 is a brand of milktea
3 weeks · translate
hahahaha.. good one
3 weeks · translate
i thought scib mgmt say can produce audit report by 31/12??
3 weeks · translate
my supplier in kl din receive payment from serba dinamik.. more than 6 month oledi
1 month · translate
bon bon sin ur toilet paper enuf for your lifetime usage
1 month · translate
brother kenji, bon bon sin is too busy to come here to comment. he bought too much toilet paper have to finish using it first
1 month · translate
@ian, i wonder how serba can magically make all these disappear ?
1 month · translate
be careful in case mgmt come sue u
1 month · translate
boss no money make bond payment, will sell kpower to run in case ppl liquidate his asset?
1 month · translate
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