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Guman Jie say will up till 1.20
4 days · translate
nmjhl good good huatt
1 week · translate
he wish you all goodluck weh. Everyone very huat soon. Only Messi eat syht only
1 week · translate
shhhh collect more first.
1 week · translate
mgsr, if you want instant rich don't buy bluechip. you buy penny stock and gamble will do. But you will not get far.
1 week · translate
Once Feb announce dividend (if got), will not be 2.14% already.
2 weeks · translate
he time the market bro. that's why lose out.
3 weeks · translate
without foreign funds buy. it hardly can move. Genting Mother can move because foreign funds big enter.
3 weeks · translate
what 7 I read? lol. it's funny ler
1 month · translate
eh he good luck all of us ma. If he sour himself no problem one, we always welcome good luck from anyone.
1 month · translate
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