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yes that's why i say is 2 x 5. Bonus and No Bonus is still the same thing. The real value reflects on company caps but not the share price.
13 hours · translate
tiger head bee always comment then delete. Very scare people say she was wrong.
14 hours · translate
bonus issue is just the same to company... the caps remain the same. More shares means lesser EPS. 2x5 only, give more dividend better.
3 days · translate
the Bee Tiger girl once commented here below 3.50, and then deleted the post. Typical scare being haunted by history, just don't comment je.
5 days · translate
Luck is here. nice!
6 days · translate
whenever the goodluck is here. Luck always there. I remember he bad mouth vstec at 2.20++ and now vstec is 4.30+ in just 2 months. His good luck is a charm.
6 days · translate
fahmi they say don't all in. Buy in few tranches is safer just incase it falls lower.
6 days · translate
so far no support can withstand the selling force from epf. But I agree that can a bit to keep and dca if falls.
6 days · translate
why not below 1 ar?
1 week · translate
exactly. The stupid ESOS is really brainless. EPS 8sen, should give 4sen dividend.
1 week · translate
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