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impairment of 1.31bil.
20 hours · translate
People who don't have heart to read the QR will say its loss. Those who know how to read will know whether the QR is ok or not.
20 hours · translate
Brilliant, a glove people come banking comment and without really reading the report. omfg... look at the report la. simply comment loss, see got impairment.
20 hours · translate
stupid2u got ask people buy tenaga one a?? I Thought they don't touch bluechip besides glove?
1 week · translate
loll dont so negative. Take it as maybe time time buy cheaper.
1 week · translate
please la still Hoping sue KPMG? they don't scare la. Even if they are fined for being negligence, they still have money to pay. You worry your Serba more better la. Due payment of interest better settle in 30days.
2 weeks · translate
felt sorry for those who followed the serba 2.0 group admin, who simply ban people from speaking truth.
2 weeks · translate
berani kerana desperado la. Kalao berani kasi EY release findings la, kenapa x allow.
2 weeks · translate
[email protected] group Serba 2.0, all admins hand stain with blood. Removed honest opinion and ban people from speaking negative view yet truthful view. Admins there bring people to lose more money.
2 weeks · translate
But good thing is uncle tell u 2.7 and not 6.7. If not you confirm kena 67 by uncle already
3 weeks · translate
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