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epf dispose 500k units on 27th July. But the volume on that day dint even reach 100k. How is it done?
1 hour · translate
The RSS on this counter is easy with the low volume.
8 hours · translate
growth will stagnant for some now due to covid.
Yesterday · translate
is possible bro. But F&N is a company that should not worry on its fundamental. If you look at the price daily maybe u will panic. lol
Yesterday · translate
The moment u see so many retailer in a company comments. You already know this company price won't go up easily because most of them is gamblers and not value investors.
Yesterday · translate
yea collected again too.
2 days · translate
below liao bro. Buy abit first. No need worry so much sincr its F&N
2 days · translate
if u buy by batches and really don't bother about it, then should be fine. If see it daily will heart break.
3 days · translate
Got it at 25.90 and it keep going down. Lolll
3 days · translate
what the... windfall tax then become SST. Totally not related at all.
3 days · translate
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