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Buy more! Epf, khazanah and kwp are panicking, time for retail investor to fly.
4 hours · translate
One of the simplest red flag in an invesyment is when major shareholder of a company are disposing huge amount of shares. The outflow begins from 27 June till today. Kwp, epf and khazanah disposing. Yet some retail investor will always find reason to hold on. Good luck. Few weeks later let's have a look on this stock price again.
5 hours · translate
Will the stock be suspended from short selling. Hohoho
6 days · translate
Chill ba.. This counter will probably test the 0.38 resistance within this week.
2 weeks · translate
You can be the person to goreng this counter
2 weeks · translate
Tomorrow this stock will fly I guess.. Hehe
3 weeks · translate
Qr just out.. No idea why investor selling b4 qr out..
3 weeks · translate
Should be... End of today I guess
3 weeks · translate
Qr... Losses..
1 month · translate
Failed ipo.. Lol.
2 months · translate
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