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how high do u think it will go? any opinion? i bought at high price long ago, about RM0.96. if it will go really high, thought wanna sell some to gain back capital and leave some for dividend
3 weeks · translate
mean good or bad? bcos EPF disposed shareholding oh
3 weeks · translate
sure ar? actually what's happening yar?
1 year · translate
any idea, what happen to this counter? can top up some?
1 year · translate
any idea, what's happening?
1 year · translate
do u all think can go above Rm2, say RM2.67?
2 years · translate
yes, i m waiting for 0.25 too
3 years · translate
thanks for yr info
3 years · translate
is this good stock to keep, anyone got idea?
3 years · translate
anybody has any idea what's the good price to buy in?
5 years · translate
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