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Yup. Well business is high risk high return, AA has been quite innovative and been a good early mover. Currently the environment just dont favour this, so really no choice. Well also an opportunity for low price for good value. Like a bad hit, they still can get such a high revenue, well not bad actually. Haha.
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Trust urself. Will airasia collapse? What are the impact? No more airlines? People still travel? Mentally everyone want to be at home? Psychological war. No right wrong.
1 month · translate
Elaborate more?
6 months · translate
I think they took some bond, need to serve the coupon rate at 5%. To pay money
7 months · translate
Haha. What to do. This is global sentiment. Waves... Just keep lo. I lost more than 50% for this stock.
11 months · translate
Wait lo. As long as it dont go bust... Still got hope. Haha. Ntg much can do
11 months · translate
No choice. Bad world sentimental
11 months · translate
Well... No option i m still holding on with this lion.
11 months · translate
Haha... Yeah.. I think the reversal if it happen will take very long. Fast within 1 year. Slow maybe 3 years
11 months · translate
Lets dive...
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