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Nick Chung

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Joined Jun 2018


First target RM 7 , long term target RM 6 , due to cut rates and recession
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Ifcam onlt can see every Q4 , come back year end
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Shirley teo 分分钟是男的哦!
20 hours · translate
女人的6感很强,当初facebook usd 24 我妈叫我爸买多多 他都采她都傻,所以别小看女人的6感!
20 hours · translate
Lee econbhd PE only 12 exclude impairment loss
20 hours · translate
Tay yes, based on Vizione financial status, they can borrow more money from the bank , their debt is very low
20 hours · translate
Boilerm 短期可能回调,等
21 hours · translate
Uwc 1.28 很强支持位哦可以考虑买点放着, 1.28-1.34 这里徘徊,破了1.34 就会再上
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Tay contractors that deal with government always get slow payment de. Thats why need some cash call to bid for big project. Ikhmas also did PP and got 400m project ..Gamuda those have very huge receivables also de, but long term sure got profit come in
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