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Dennis Lee

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Joined Sep 2018


This year within January I was told they going to goreng this counter until 70 cents. Luckily I just tried for 5000 units of 0.48 and trapped untill now.
6 hours · translate
once bitten twice shy
6 hours · translate
This counter is worth only 0.39 only. But I still managed to grab some below cost of 0.37. Just waiting for the qrt result and decide.
10 hours · translate
The one who reported he wasted rape must produced more than one witness. Asshole is not easy to rape especially on man.
If he was founded making fake allegations he must be must punished severely as so much of political sexual allegations were made public recently.
16 hours · translate
lost money in 3 consecutive quarters and suddenly price shot up. Malaysia Bursa boleh! God knows !
1 day · translate
TP 0.45 as son sold to father at this price on outside market trading.
1 day · translate
Hengyuan already dropped till the rock bottom line. Bottom line fishing???
1 day · translate
马来西亚又有什么东西是又好又快的 ? 吃钱贪污是世界最快的 ! 每个当官的都有上亿的身家。
5 days · translate
This is already a old bullshit trick. I hate to listen to it. come on lah produced something new. All this bastard, just paid them some money, they will come out and spoiled your. Malaysian politicians like to use sex as a killing tool....hahahaha..
5 days · translate
Shariah non- compliant??? what's all these?? Muslims can't buy this share ? why? How they gauge shariah or non-shariah ? Who is the idiot who made the selection and based on what basis. I really tak boleh tahan all this stupid regulation in Malaysia.
5 days · translate
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