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still downtrend lah. dont look at this stock
4 months · translate
Ma200 is coming closer. Time to reload
8 months · translate
Lari now laa
9 months · translate
Anytime can rebound. Wait for revearsal candle
10 months · translate
Next candidate for super penny counter haha! Later bos main pp je la gain money
10 months · translate
Cayalah. It happened bro
10 months · translate
Still cannot close above strong resistant 0.67. Becareful
11 months · translate
Tak semestinya pp tak bagus. Kalau tengok pp kab untuk fund future project ngan debt repayment. Bagus tu untuk future value company especially bayar hutang tu. Lain la kalau kaunter fintech and the geng yg buat pp kita chow ler. Set la strategi trade. Sampai cutloss point then cutloss. Simple
11 months · translate
Paling rendah dia boleh pegi pun 0.005 hehe
11 months · translate
Director dispose kab anak. Duit fund 3rd party subscribe pp yg harga jauh lagi rendah. Operator push harga naik. Director yang untung. Done tuduh haha
11 months · translate
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