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Wong Wai Kwong

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Joined Oct 2018


interesting...drop slowly...waiting u at 1.3
2 months · translate
3 months · translate
no need rush ba...seriously, im only consider if below 1.7 now
4 months · translate
4 months · translate
If not, better i get 90cents n sell higher on next monday, get it?
4 months · translate
Sure wil adjust 90cents less next monday, even more than 90cents...
4 months · translate
大红花石油(HIBISCUS 5199)宣布,该公司在沙巴北部首次挖到石油。

该公司向大马交易所报备指出,其独资子公司SEA HIBISCUS有限公司在七月十六日成功和安全完成於ST JOSEPH油田区,完成SJ105A油井的钻井工作。

该公司在ST JOSEPH油田区将钻三座由井,这是第一个油井,钻井深度达1000尺。
4 months · translate
U mean brent oil price increase?How u know...
4 months · translate
Ya...a bit boring with this counter
4 months · translate
Those cash flow ready for SD right?Sold plane then increase operating cost...
4 months · translate
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