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You are one of the best bosses I admire. Like your attitude, proffession and spirit. Thanks for building up MBSB and society.
RIP, Sir.
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GN3 is similar to PN17.
For simple understanding,
PN17 is issue to MAIN Market listed company, while GN3 is for ACE Market.
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小鱼鹅 ..........
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hope for NS3 in future... high liabilities with lower order book, i think their profit and cash should be hard to sustain in future
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Wat Kah Keng,,我也是跟你一样的想法,哈哈,也是还在找机会进场。
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YangMing Kan, 这报道里面有提到
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Ricardo Siau,谢谢你,你那句"未来收入来源"点醒了我。。哈哈
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年报说公司的Business plan到2020,我的理解就是2020还会有一些expenses需要花在build up银行的structure。加上经济疲弱,不知道non performing loan会不会提高从而增加impairment,所以个人觉得还是保守点,不要太早进去接刀。
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