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naoki ong

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What the heck!!

Joined Feb 2019


Hibiscus sure strong... others O&G already gone down. .
1 hour · translate
Dang missed the window hahah
8 hours · translate
surprises on Tuesday..... sound anxious... hope is good one.
1 day · translate
Pestech... dangerous stock for me... bought it last time around 1.4 something drop until 1.1 lost quite some money there sold due to non performing... after sold.... boom... went up.... rugi....
3 days · translate
hopefully. been awhile I'm holding this guy...
4 days · translate
huemax: haha true they might get the money from goreng too beware :)
4 days · translate
Kelvin: same here... earning negative but can go for 2 year still surviving they said got certain "thing" that will help then even with negative earning. the thing is sorta like selling product or something can't remember but doesn't make sense to me..
4 days · translate
fintech.. saw their earning mostly negative....
4 days · translate
monday on?? thought holiday hehehe
4 days · translate
hopefully will return.. cause panic selling always for short term only
4 days · translate
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