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GLC is like that one la. Got government back up, no fear. U see, Mas never die although keep losing. Stakeholders like directors, management, workers,...surely will not die, but minor shareholders be prepared to sell off underwear ya if thing gone bad. Hahaha. Glc......like a pile of shit.
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其实,他哪里有 toh sui ka?!你应该要学会反向操作嘛。他说上,你快快跑。这何尝不是个很好的指标吗?哈哈哈哈
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Mah sing directors' decision on venturing into glove was a proof that they are short sighted or just wanted to goreng their stock price. U see, most of malaysia public listed companies' directors are all fat fat one, bones also habis makan. Hahaha. Here too easy to go listed and manipulate share price.
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Karim and his gengs shd be held accountable to fraudulent accounting, sent to prison and company wound up. Bursa shd be efficient in playing supervisory role, to minimize risk of public being deceived, else for what bursa is held? To give mercy on pn17 companies and lists of companies with huge 'receivables' but bad 'cash flow' , prolong their lives and to allow big fat directors to misrepresent info, mislead and goreng goreng malaysia?!

Image of malaysia capital market is indeed damn shit!
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Sewaktu pelaburan telah menjadi perjudian, tahu2 lah akibatnya. Berhati2 di saham Malaysia.
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哇塞,goreng 了。
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U are very welcomed to write in tamil. Please. What do u think u can get any better insights in investment from reading comments here? W t f, bro. Here is absolutely a platform purely for killing your free time, not for learning, not for collecting useful info. If u simply rely on hearsay as a mean in managing your investment, then u'd be the next sheep to be slaughtered.
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