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Kent Tay

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Joined Mar 2019


hopefully Monday can break past 15 cents
1 day · translate
have to be patient
2 days · translate
up up up! yeah yeah yeah! break past RM1 mark pls
3 days · translate
tyre puncture again
3 days · translate
flying high up up to the sky
4 days · translate
Could be due to their purchase of kian Joo, its already 4 1/2 months & can one still haven't pay any money to kian Joo shareholders
5 days · translate
Hong Kong investor own at least 20% in Affin, just that they don't allow HK side to advise them so price keep hanging below RM2
1 week · translate
still languishing at 0.125 , must monitor further
1 week · translate
something is not right here, as this counter had been delisted since May 2019. But 4 months had gone, wonder why shareholders still haven't receive payment from can one yet.
2 weeks · translate
sigh what to do China stock always got problem, I'm afraid if prices keep languishing at such low level they might launch a low offer price to delist it. Minority shareholders will be bleeding profusely
2 weeks · translate
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