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may be you can start buying if the price dropped to 25 to 29 cents level , the company directors had started to dispose more than 23m shares at 38.5 cents each
2 weeks · translate
company shareholders start to dispose their shares in the millions
2 weeks · translate
it's dropping further despite the palm oil futures price hovers close to RM4k per tonne
2 weeks · translate
this email looks genuine
2 weeks · translate
but share price remains sluggish
2 weeks · translate
its too X now to collect this stock at RM1.00++ unless it falls back to the range of 80 to 90 cents again. although the glove demand had started to pick up but the pick up rate is still far away from pre COVID level and China's cut throat prices is putting Malaysian glove makers under pressure
3 weeks · translate
keeping fingers crossed ?
1 month · translate
people should have bought the shares at dirt cheap price of 1 to 1.5 cents each before consolidation in order to ride on the current boat
1 month · translate
where are the super batteries which Jared Lim said in his previous YouTube video ........
1 month · translate
seems like the tariff news only gave a one day boost to Malaysian glove makers share prices! today it's either people are on a profit taking or short selling mode ! good luck guys & trade cautiously!
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