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再等等再等等,你敢就跟我跌到3.50我 all in
11 hours · translate
the thing with tauke like this can be double edge. if it's up trend just follow them.
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2 days · translate
tp RM 6. Warrant will be at RM 7.20 ....
2 days · translate
@Ah Choon Wong,. that was the fact back then
2 days · translate
all the sell down since 7 ringgit flush out a lot of peoples, then at two ringgits announced free warrant with 20% premium against mother share to collect capital. I don't find any reason they won't push out the price. the higher the price of mother, the more fund masuk their pocket after exercise.
2 days · translate
director pandai main , soon they will push to 6 ringgit and above, then do a BI same to what Rubberex did last year. All happy. or investor can go AGM throw them chicken eggs.
3 days · translate
this kind of company is not for invest, is for buy big small, if don't know how to cut loss wait die until left bone.
4 days · translate
this company act like tech company but con man
4 days · translate
high chance they will want to exercise 20% above double of current price.
4 days · translate
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