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Thank you. Opportunity to buy
2 days · translate
What caused the price to drop to 1.80 today? Something going on? Is this a buying opportunity?
2 days · translate
What caused the price to move up so steep this week?
5 days · translate
Near to 3.00 is highly probable but above 3.00 is a tough one. Very likely the price will hover above 2.50 by May
1 week · translate
Continue to hold … the price will move high in May. The company is making good money
2 weeks · translate
still got celebration tomorrow ?
4 weeks · translate
Look like the party is over already… everyone go home already
4 weeks · translate
This Penergy is diam diam one wor … no good news about project but price is very steady … dividend is swee swee … give some good news lar
1 month · translate
If IBs have to borrow shares, that will create demand and will push up the price. Could you explain that cause the price to go down
1 month · translate
Anthony Tan, you are keeping us in suspense. Today I saw MFCB price when above 4.00 with lower EPS and higher PE than YTLP. Simple comparison indicates that YTLP is undervalued by about 20-30%. Just my 2 sen of thought.
1 month · translate
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