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net profit就不预测了,前几天我分享的那个podcast CEO有提到 海外project的profit margin远远高于本地的project. 例如Qatar和Oman的project gross profit margin会介于 15-20%
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xx 其实我上个月已经算好了 只是没分享出来
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sian哥哥 好久不见 来support我?
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Month 1-3 的revenue 介于 269.42 Millions
Month 3-5 的 revenue 介于 282.89 Millions
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Yes, CEO : we are currently embarking on a fundraising exercise. Hopefully they will be finalized within a month or two. Group had already obtained shareholder mandate to issue up to 20% of total share during last year AGM
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You need to subscribe for it if you want to read
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I read the article, but it cant be shared by link
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Another PP within a month or two. Good sign for growing company...
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Dato Karim and CEO both acquiring shares on 4 march
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