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closing the gap 0.505. good price to enter
3 weeks · translate
should wait around 0.505 - 0.525 to close gap
1 month · translate
look volume keeps on decreasing and the price maintain.
1 month · translate
Looks good to buy
2 months · translate
my target is at 2.12
2 months · translate
arini t3. rileks. patut naik atas 0.80. bg flush contra player dulu
4 months · translate
wait 0.40 and this coming quarter report. i heard there is something in the quarter
6 months · translate
Just wait. Possible to spike in November.
1 year · translate
Coz the exercise price of this warrant 1.38. If the mother share break 1.38 you will see significant movement
1 year · translate
I think it is because company wants to do share buyback at low price. That is why it is captured in one of the resolution during agm. The volume yesterday also is just 8 million shares indicated that major players still inside.
1 year · translate
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