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Lim Choon lin

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Joined Oct 2019


attual also can fill complain anty corrution agency
1 hour · translate
you can sumit complain to security commision,but the effet is little
1 hour · translate
一年只有 3400万 10年最多 340,000万, 笔者 你会不会算数 .误导读者事情大,
12 hours · translate
pinpac is 185mil cast,and zero bank borrowing,equal to rm1.20 per share
1 day · translate
don,t compar with london bis,treat receivevable 400mil,
1 day · translate
so bad,i don,t have so much money,ha ha
4 days · translate
let every share holder apoint me to claim at lease rm 0.70.capital return
4 days · translate
under paragaf 8.03,certain money must keep in trust,to protect share hold interest,at presene the money is very safe.
4 days · translate
这个不叫做白武士 应该叫做 抓死机 不会跑的鸡
6 days · translate
con man,scandal comp
1 week · translate
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