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Once u in then u never out
Once u out means u broke

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just dont use calculator on gambling
3 days · translate
haha most people go genetec , u people still here ka, so bored
4 days · translate
no volumes means less less idiots in the stock
1 week · translate
哪 假厉害咯 老千的套路自己知道就好 ,公开讲,还有机会炒上去给你跑?
1 week · translate
buy bcmall gogogo ale ale ale
1 week · translate
kl 在乱了 会暴动吗?
1 week · translate
接下来还有哪些 right issue
1 week · translate
哎呦,一直关注epf买卖 累的咧,epf一直买maybank 又不见得maybank起,放下epf的负担啦
1 week · translate
as i said, idiot never learn, no point wasting effort to teach whoever is, i would rather spend more energy on toilet bowl
1 week · translate
这点小跌算什么,真正投资人懂得 跌了买点点起了卖点点,大跌了买多点,大起了卖多点,投资者永远不会输钱
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