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早上的量少价跌真让人开心 至少让你看见扶持点
想要买就只能买着上了 流通票太少没办法
2 weeks · translate
Resistance breakout, congratz
1 month · translate
I dont think these 2 company has the capabilities to secure the license especially revenue - too small

Airasia and grab would have higher chance
1 month · translate
May refer to Novamsc for a similar case study
1 month · translate
High cash reserves, tax allowances of industrial 4.0, future trend - iot and cloud, increasing revenue, product line and customer market

Management is only need to focuses on how to generate higher margin and cost management

Hopefully they can deliver whatever promised

Look good on the company’s prospects
1 month · translate
Fair price after icps would be 0.035-0.040

For those missed out the chance to run yesterday, good luck
1 month · translate
Then you should not invest in this counter, not suit you at all

Thia counter only for those who prefer steady income

Try trend investing
1 month · translate
Limited downside risk with potential high return
Dont see any reason why you need to worry
1 month · translate
Coming few days is very critical, the price and volume will remains stagnant if it couldn’t cross the resistance

1 month · translate
At least you dont have to suffer from those nightmares in the past 1 week
1 month · translate
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