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Dont worry, it will rebound back since no issue on company. Be patient and wait.
12 minutes · translate
Everyday in the top volume also no power. Good news is useless, come more bad news, bad qr, bad prospect. We all sell already, banker...
2 hours · translate
不要落井下石,买卖自负的。读下news,乱讲话, 叫美国投行 ' Block 7' 你。
15 hours · translate
Wah... Warren lead to push the price up? Haha
21 hours · translate
I look at trading when selling press down but still have big leg buy alot to support price. Also I think QR will release soon.
21 hours · translate
Waiting to break and stand firm above 0.30 is nice. Hold to watch show
21 hours · translate
This small cap company with less tickets sure easy to push up. Look at other counter no power, sure all traders come here to push higher, looking for 2nd entry.
23 hours · translate
Itronic 上星期捞底成功,转回来cendof 希望再一波。
1 day · translate
I tp some 70% tickets , wasted... Still spike up... Adui.
1 day · translate
Kasih limit up... Huhuhu
1 day · translate
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