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make sure chip in if below
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Don make personal attack.
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If you make money sell half and keep half . If bank is full of money just hold. you money you decide and don listen to others.
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If they hold all the official announcements until end of July then the game is downtrend. If they announce next couple of days, then
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这样的国家 这样的情况 投资就要裸跑了....哈哈哈(∩_∩)
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This morning touched 0.68. Hope can close at 0.75 today.
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Dnex semiconductor boleh!
17 hours · translate
News comes just came in time to put a brake on the fallout. I think might all the way to
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Lepas ini confirm Silterra affairs, terus lambong naik tinggi sampai 1.00 lepas itu barulah turun balik
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