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if not mistaken, it will pay based on NTA price.
3 months · translate
你那里看到过1.78 哦?
10 months · translate
not today la kwsp buy.
12 months · translate
p1 - 不要看到美女就小鹿乱撞。 人家说lut tg. 不是lut maybank
1 year · translate
micheal - sure u can sell if u want. make your own decisions, earn or lose at your own risk
teoh & baba - u guaranty tomorrow price will go up? if yes then ok la.
1 year · translate
Michael - yes. you can sell it tomorrow and u will entitle for 26 cent dividend. today closing at 9.40, tomorrow opening will be 9.14. pros and cons. you can do it if u buy at high volume because you need to calculate the fee for buy, sell and dividend charge.
1 year · translate
qr very good. but div no good
1 year · translate
spsetia goreng before. now lazy goreng already. this one wait big boss buy in lo
1 year · translate
1 year · translate
still need to see how tauke besar goreng lo. we small udang just wait lo .
1 year · translate
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