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Anyone plan to enter? What price can buy?
2 months · translate
Wondering the same question here too. Why jay so confidence.
3 months · translate
Bought in 0.7, initially for long term hold. Current return in a month already 45-50%. Sell first or continue hold. Dilemma.
1 year · translate
Anyone working in FAST? What is this company doing now?
2 years · translate
Padini CEO 说过他们的市场有限,因为只做热带国家穿的衣服
3 years · translate
Ski, you bought since when ya? Many at low floor much everybody enter price and when you all enter?
3 years · translate
Frontkn not only Tsmc, still got oil and gas kan? Haha. Waiting for time to add, approaching good price area now. 7nm 5nm 3nm 2nm 1nm still got few years to go..TSMC leading, technology monopoly, max production capacity after CNY to gain back outflow order to Samsung..
3 years · translate
New High today if including bi warrant @@
3 years · translate
Sky, 可以search看老板的名字,应该有他早期环游马来西亚一圈接单创业的故事哦。
3 years · translate
Sky, 很少。可以上公司官网看看。google新闻search一些。看下老板的背景&公司创办和成长经历。了解工厂在哪里,是否在产业带。了解公司100% export的优势,还有产品为什么适合ecommerce和为什么节省运输费。了解公司从哪里找到客户,用什么管道等等。大概大概靠自己理解公司生意。
3 years · translate
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