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Buy Mahsing is always better than buying this. One is in Main counter, the other is in LEAP!
7 months · translate
powerful to go down price !!!
1 year · translate
Expect to drop beyond 0.66!
1 year · translate
Earlier proposed that Mtag sales gone up due to rush in many orders, and projected the price to go to RM 1.04; really lousy projection of baseless ! Simply said; please sell all better as Mtag’s customers inflicted with Covid-19 diseases!
1 year · translate
RM5- really talk Cxxk
1 year · translate
really fiddling with price! moving within 5 cents ! psychologically played....
2 years · translate
Mtag target price to exceed 0.98/share due to very good result
2 years · translate
CGS CIMB Research, in a note on Wednesday, raised its target price for the bank from RM20.50 to RM25 a share, citing the bank’s defensive qualities amid the pandemic and improved trading liquidity as key drivers for the upgrade.
2 years · translate
very lousy and syndicated manupulating counter!
2 years · translate
Surely, this counter will fly ! It is a matter of time ! And when it flies, it flies with flying colours !
2 years · translate
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