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i still hold my position and im sure goverment will bailout this company.
4 days · translate
if IPO break open price please CL.
1 month · translate
4M unit at support 1.700 gone. Something happen..
1 month · translate
everyone. Please stop it. Now we focus on this stock. What the best entry? i in at 1.73 and SL 1.69.
1 month · translate
JunYan..even u join islam..u still non bumi. U must understand what is bumi first.
2 months · translate
allocation for bumi..bumi not just malay...1000 bumi apply with 12.5% allocation n 100 non bumi apply with 1.25% allocation is same?
2 months · translate
bagus la tindakan dana jamin tu mintak guarantor..kalau tak jadi lagi kes macam genting hongkong..syarikat bangkrap owner masih kaya raya..rakyat jugak yang rugi.
2 months · translate
adoiii..tony pon x berani jadi guarantor company sendiri..macamana ni..haha
2 months · translate
i entry at 3.54...CL below 3.52...
2 months · translate
dah below ipo price..CL...huhu
2 months · translate
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