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The owners of the company committed fraud with bogus transactions to inflate their revenue and income
1 week · translate
Stupid market
2 months · translate
Be careful os share consolidation. It may become like trive
4 months · translate
Good stock to play short trade
4 months · translate
Lol. U guys got scammed. Hahaha.
4 months · translate
Buy on hope. Do you homework laa
10 months · translate
Anything related to oil and gas is out of fashion. Got burnt with sapnrg. Cut loss while there stills value.
10 months · translate
Purely speculative.
12 months · translate
Kesian lah korang. Dipermainkan oleh Stanson.
12 months · translate
Get ready for it to go down to 10 sen. That should be its support.
1 year · translate
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