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As for DNEX, do you all remembered this song in the early 90's called " It's A Miracle " by the group Culture Club ?
2 weeks · translate
Haha, i will fastern my seat belt for DNEX by tomorrow morning before 9.00am
2 weeks · translate
IF the boses of DNEX are intelligent , hard working and capable in their managment with wisdom, they can bring this company to a very high level. But they aren't .....
3 weeks · translate
DNEX is going to be fantastic from now on ......
2 months · translate
Haha what do you expect, from this kind of CEO ....
9 months · translate
It's going to be good by tomorrow morning
9 months · translate
But if cut lost right now losing 650K still .....
10 months · translate
OMG what to do now !?! All our live savings are still inside !
10 months · translate
Right now are buying Sunview stocks again right now ? Got some more potential ?
10 months · translate
A Tan, SP Setia is much stronger and dynamic then UEM. You should also take a look at their lovely lands, astonishingly beautiful shop-houses and housing design with good quality which they build for JB market. Prices are low too ....... if compared to others
10 months · translate
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