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Ok Joo Ching Wong, from now onwards i will listen to your advice will do, thank you
2 weeks · translate
Please remember and joke aside, in Malaysia Bursa games, you don't need to waste time studying companies QR, fundamentals or anything like that ......... Just gamble it out will do, treat it like a mini casino.
4 weeks · translate
Right now not to worry first
4 weeks · translate
Sometimes, no news is good news hahaha
1 month · translate
It all depends on that malay CEO now ........ Let's observe how he performs, from now onwards
1 month · translate
For this malay company director, i afraid to say almost everything is over .........
2 months · translate
Not true, haha how can that happen now ?
2 months · translate
Most of Malaysian shares seldom inconjunction with fundamantles, please remember that ........
2 months · translate
It will ........ But i am afraid, it may take years and years to happen ........ you know malaysia.........
2 months · translate
Penang people are fantastic
2 months · translate
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