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nobody knows the bottom.
8 hours · translate
politicians doesnt care of rakyat. All are power hungry
13 hours · translate
below 65 ok. but will go up or not that dunno. because all bad news it will drop and even with good news it wont move up
13 hours · translate
very difficult to go up but very easy to come down. Even if one of the director fart, the price will start to drop.
13 hours · translate
government dont want people to live. mco with everything close and if you invest in equity also loose
1 day · translate
big volume parked at 0.77
1 day · translate
today no P and D session. maybe in afternoon
1 day · translate
hwgb, bintai and solution are from the same batch. All went up together. The other 2 already reached to their fair value. now its solution turn.
2 days · translate
atleast 2 pump and dump sessions a day
2 days · translate
they are real into private placement business
2 days · translate
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