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wonderful quarter lolz. revenue 4mil. my trading revenue more than this
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shld be around this time
2 hours · translate
tomorrow or next week very high chance limit up
3 hours · translate
as I predicted yesterday, today closing will be close to 80c
4 hours · translate
cypark is just a small peanut infront the true potential of scib
7 hours · translate
yes bro may face slight resistence at 915 but surely will overcome that
10 hours · translate
tp 1.50 soon
10 hours · translate
0.75 is very undervalued. minimum tp 1.50
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KUCHING, 29 NOVEMBER 2023 – Industrialised building systems specialist, Sarawak Consolidated Industries Berhad ("SCIB" or the "Company"), today celebrates a significant milestone in its Q1FY2024 financial results. Demonstrating a remarkable turnaround, SCIB has not only boosted its revenue but also transitioned into profitability, a testament to the strategic acumen and diligent efforts of its management team.
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up until r.1.50
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