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gov today will rescue this serbak like sapura!! all in 5sen
1 week · translate
get ready to march rm1 this month
1 week · translate
got 1.6mil contract also want to announce meh? no shame..profit also not enough cover 1month CEO salaries..hehe
3 weeks · translate
tq mgrc for Raya duit
4 weeks · translate
someone keep pressing down..look like to blow to top next week
1 month · translate
gambler sure buy
1 month · translate
buy 20lot 1.5sen for rm300.. burn it or make 1000% if got miracle
1 month · translate
yes..I already pawn all to this pawn
1 month · translate
retailer selling off their profit.. sharks quiet collect n collect
1 month · translate
going strong..few days should be 60cents
1 month · translate
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