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Wat Kah Keng

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Joined Feb 2017


went to your seminar today.very informative. hope to see u in your next talk about new etf launching
5 days · translate
hopefully lo. I notice every 3 year company like to give bonus share instead of good dividend. wait for bonus share in 2021 gua
1 week · translate
2H 2020 as told by chairman today AGM
1 week · translate
yes. to know more about the company
1 week · translate
stated in ordinary resolution in AGM.i think today will announce
1 week · translate
1.9 sen paid on 10oct2019.
1 week · translate
MAHB should admit it's own mistake and dont blame other
2 weeks · translate
buy n keep. sure will shot up again.got holding power can go ahead
1 month · translate
agree with yutaka. got 1 million cash can out at FD earn 4%. use that 4% to invest in good dividend share and buy some shop lot to collect rent. the dividend from fd give infinite return. at the same time stay at less stress employment
1 month · translate
reduce tax and put beef up the enforcement to curb age of minor frm buying ciggy by impose heavy fine to sellers who sell to under age people
2 months · translate
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