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mbb yield better la
1 week · translate
serba debt is secured loan. pbb can lelong the land to recover the loan.
1 week · translate
at today closing price RM 8.58 and expect FA2023 dividend 60sen the projected yield is 6.9% which is attractive. no prosperity tax and OPR back to 3% should be any problems for value investors.
2 weeks · translate
I still holding my tnb. capital all back already cos every year got received dividend.
2 weeks · translate
I bought at below RM 6 it's about 12 year ago during Queensland flood cause high coal price lead to high generation cost for tnb
3 weeks · translate
stock price movement is all about demand and supply. should as more on service matter and must reform. at least follow other bank which can provide more hassle free service. must aggressive in digital transformation. staff lack of training and etc. for example when u visit branch to update hp number and later found out credit CD hp number not updated or debit card unable to receive otp. it cause by incompetent staff who wrongly update.
1 month · translate
pbb customer base majority is typical chinaman and lazy to real tnc and follow written instructions. every time got new enhancement it will become problem for them. still call to bank to check balance and rely on human interaction. founder no longer here so people will not give high valuation for it. as long as u buy low enough then the dividend yield is attractive and can preserve your capital.
1 month · translate
sudah cool down. wait after cooling off period see how
2 months · translate
total number of share to large and earning so less. business not attractive. no value for shareholders.
2 months · translate
at current asp, factory low utilisation and over supply of glove the share price of glove company will move sideway. last month share price movement also like this. if share price drop will accumulate again. top glove report will out soon. if report no good maybe harta will follow drop. currently there are got some syndicate goreng it.
2 months · translate
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