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issue esos selalu, worker bawah2 ada portion ka?
3 weeks · translate
bad lot manyak bole la maintan revenue
3 weeks · translate
when in distress,your opinion doesn't matter. market will be as it is. facts and figure are irrelevant. idss incoming
3 weeks · translate
idiot, want talent yet pay peanut.
4 weeks · translate
in term of pricing not so good for scoop. bisnes wise kudos to management
1 month · translate
kampeni rugi director lagi mau naik pitih. idss satu kali
1 month · translate
r&d keep eating money. very long time before show profit
1 month · translate
awal2 depa suda jual maa. Standby bayar court
1 month · translate
bodoh punya director.buat kerja tak clean
1 month · translate
steady inihari
2 months · translate
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