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China cut electricity, coal price increased more than 3 times dunno will affect TNB cost of sales or not. EPF dumping TNB shares. Wait and see first
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Not really a good news, they raised fund at Mieco to buy a loss making business from SYF.
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Will drop until serbadk SIR report release. Market still panic selling on the uncertainties. If you can predict the date of SIR report correctly , you r the winner. Investors want the outcome instead of the uncertainties.
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We are discussing about the future order book. Iris secured 1.2b project and market capitalisation at 700m+, SCIB secured 1.6b project and market capitalisation at 200m+. Wthorse future is uncertainty.
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Iris market capitalisation is much higher than SCIB, even only 22sen but market capitalisation is about 700m+ while scib only 200m+ at 40sen
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Yes, not make sense but happening in Malaysia. We r non bumi, secondary rakyat. Only can work as labour
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JP Morgan 最新的TP RM2.50,标题是该回役前水平。价钱已低于役前水平,随时反弹了。
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他是手套迷,top glove 由RM8 confirm 到 RM2。
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