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haha. new start
3 hours · translate
10 years one round reshuffle
21 hours · translate
I hold. I have holding power
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Nelson, you can study and see if this counter suit you

I bought since 50cents and top up little bit since long time ago. I think this will be one of my hidden treasure box haha
1 day · translate
buy on rumors , sell on news. plus now I think more than 50% are newbies traders.

they don't see long term but only short term profit. so big shark can easily press the price for a few days and make newbies cut loss. of course holding power is the only solution.

I believe when you invest here, you also wish to see it LU in next day. but is it healthy and will it make ppl Lose focus?

investment is always about study and hold

the main business is not goreng price
1 day · translate
mati la kla mcm ni
1 day · translate
you open Reddit account , start a thread there. tapi kt Malaysia, our market too small. most of the counters are controlled by same group of ppl. I guess rm10mil can easily control a counter.

unlike US, the total counters are so huge. market somemore got a few choices. you need many many 10milion there ...
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haiz. ramai pegang since 10 , 15 cents or even 30 cents.

masih nk average down.
1 day · translate
steel always like that. probably next week drop again and up back
1 day · translate
I also wondering why.
I saw most counters are drop since Monday. the market sentiment is low now
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