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you can check on the Broadcom announcement. they close deal acquire VMware.
3 days · translate
to me, cisco system is like motorola. Government will always keep them, embrace them. Local national brand.
Of course their system is quality and used world wide.
2 weeks · translate
hahaha, Broadcom high because of another deal. Not Apple related. Inari is totally not linked.
2 weeks · translate
way too high for now... oh ya maybe you queue buy 0.65..

3 weeks · translate
Broadcom terminate with inari , and who do they going to find replacement?

Everytime this happened ( who ban, who support), the ending still same: nothing changes and never changed
4 weeks · translate
let me forecast... in maybe 2 years, they might get delist.
1 month · translate
Biden: Yes dear, what I can help ?
1 month · translate
they having big issue internally.
1 month · translate
sorry to hear that. 4.2 is a very high price.
either you cut loss or average down

good thing is dividend still there.
1 month · translate
santai santai dul
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