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QR lose money.Good.another Salute coming...haha
4 days · translate
Time to back to the price before MCO .
2 months · translate
Good QR will issue dividen?
3 months · translate
time to back to 70cents
4 months · translate
what is the point to use OR buying with 0.08.
since the share price already 0.08......
5 months · translate
what will happen if not much ppl want to buy the OR?
I observe not many ppl purchase.
5 months · translate
just notice every time you say 100% up ,then the share must go red.....
1 year · translate
i am the ppI who you mention ealier.haha....Nvm la,past is past
By the way,I already sold last friday. 35% profit in 2 week. Not bad la.(can refer my laat week comment)
1 year · translate
nvm,drop then buy back.
continue this process.
1 year · translate
Sell and profit taking.cause the VIP appear.haha...
1 year · translate
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