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Road to Holland.
1 week · translate
2 days drop.. back to shit
2 weeks · translate
going to Holland despite aluminium price rebound. something wrong with the company.
4 weeks · translate
but i don't see other aluminium counters drop. only press metal. maybe something wrong with management?
1 month · translate
this counter its done. new record high QR and share price still drop.
1 month · translate
and still dropping. 4.93 now. seems like this company has some shit not disclosed
1 month · translate
share price didn't go up still doesn't do any good. price remain stagnant means no growth
1 month · translate
ya. its like the company earning more money but valuation drop. wth?
1 month · translate
hold for 3 months and gain nothing
1 month · translate
what is wrong with pmetal zzz
1 month · translate
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