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I called them this morning, saying all door gift will be released by today and tomorrow, if still nothing, then need to call them again Wednesday.
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nominee account 也是一样的步骤吗?
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ESOS 对员工来说可以提振士气,但是15% from total shares, 就有点触目惊心了!目前公司有490mil shares, so15% is 73.5mil shares 是给员工和management 的。
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The meeting scheduled 15/4, dividend is proposed by Maybank management, unless all small shareholders hand by hand to deny the dividend because paying dividend causes huge impact financially and operationally.... otherwise, let's just wait for the dividend.
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别人起,它不起;别人掉,一起掉, 呜呼! 还是等年报。。。。
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if you're using nominee account, then bank will call you to explain the details, and they will settle everything if you want to participate in reinvestment program.
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