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ABMB should be releasing their financial results ending 31/3/24 soon. We can expect a dividend to be declared.
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Hap Seng usually pays dividends after 1QR & 3QR which is different from most companies which declare their dividends after 2QR & 4QR.
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There seems to be an invisible hand suppressing stock price. Always keeping it below RM5.00
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Keep the dividends and wait till year end for Taurx to bring cheers.
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Genting is still long way to glory, as regulatory approval for HMTM is only expected at year end. Meanwhile casino business has nearly recovered to pre-pandemic level to be further boosted by 30 days visa free priviledge granted to visitors from China.
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In light of data shared in Lisbon, Portugal, HMTM indeed has prospective broad applicability for a wide demograhic contributing to equity of access to new treatment options. TauRx has initiated regulatory engagements in UK & US for intended product approval and subsequent commercialisation of HMTM.
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Many excited small-timer scrambled to sell once price touches RM5.00 not realising they forging the 9cts dividends which means they are selling at RM4.91only.
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TauRx is the catalyst for the sharp rise today. Once the drugs is approved by US & UK regulators, this stock is beyond reach of small timed investors.
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Delay in releasing FY23 results is good or bad news? Can I say save the best for last?
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Why is no reason given for closure of two casinos? My guess is the reason is adverse, that's why it is not disclosed.
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