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At PE ratio of -75, some investors are still reluctant to enter. Hopefully after Q4 results are released PE will go down further.
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Genting is yet to announce Q4 results and declare dividends, price already surpasses RM5.00
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Another 6cts to 'heaven'. Hopefully tomorrow Genting will continue the march forward as BNM has decided not to increase OPR for time being.
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The drop has nothing to do with proposed opening of casino in Thailand as this is already a stale news. GENM is basically a M'sian operations and there is no direct competition from Thai casino if it materialised.
2 months · translate
The drop is expected as some investors sell to take cash in time before CNY. Nothing to worry as it will bounce back stronger.
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This stock is promising as it is in the radars of big players like EPF, PNB & Yayasan Bumiputra Bhd.
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@MK Wong, This reminds me of PM DS Anuar quoting Shakespear's: "An idiot telling a story is full of fury & anger but signifies nothing".
2 months · translate
If anyone sells, going to miss further price appreciation because now it's on upwards trend as well as dividends to be declared after CNY.
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Another 6cts to RM5.00, if it breaks through RM5 then the sky is the limit.
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Has reached 52 weeks high and breaking RM1.70 resistance is imminent but crucial.
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