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Sayonara game over
6 hours · translate
looks like selling will begin , out and take profit already
6 days · translate
开始卖了。快出吧 很危险
6 days · translate
Wait for noon time… told ya its pending dump
1 week · translate
mtec earning is smaller and with higher outstanding shares compare to scg but mtec is too high above it's valuation if mtec falls I'm sure scg will fall too anyway it's heavily overbought pending huge corrections too
1 week · translate
TP achieved 1 taken all profit first thanks SCG manage to 4x my first 500k profit this year
1 week · translate
just entered today close let's fly
1 week · translate
baru masukk tadi let's go fly mamahhhh haha
1 week · translate
big pump coming TP is 25sen
1 week · translate
Overbought liao its coming down anytime soon lets short it
1 week · translate
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