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wah. 0.01 up down!!! so excited. idiots.
1 week · translate
all in .....hahaha
2 weeks · translate
all in, hahahaha
so small margin watch also waste time
1 month · translate
PAS has the most seats in ge15.
1 year · translate
AirAsia can fly liao! bought some when Langkawi open 16sept 21. tomorrow queue to sell... I no greedy. thank you AirAsia.
2 years · translate
I am all out. thank you mi. I will be back :)
2 years · translate
gg, well played
2 years · translate
wait until after fmco, most counter go up edi. today govt say fmco become mco if cases below covid 4k and below.
should buy now and make profit in 6month-2 years right?
3 years · translate
agree mutl PB.
tomorrow queue to sell topglove.
wait, I don't have topglove shares. short sell la.

pandemic is ending, so gloves companies all going to bankrupt.


3 years · translate
us adr investor stupid. throw away money.
Malaysia investor all smart, no buy topglove. watch show tok kok oni.
3 years · translate
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