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Maybe the last round pump and dump before Bursa approve the proposal. Who know?
3 weeks · translate
If FIFO is applied, then time to sell. Haha. Eventually it very difficult to catch the uptrend to move unless ur skill is really can applied to it.
1 month · translate
Boarder is open for Europe and USA to Phuket from 1 July Onwards.
1 month · translate
Lee, this is their pattern all the time. U can keep track for all the bro and sis conpany. Then u know whether u invest or not
1 month · translate
Farid, how strong support also is fake Q. Whether they will push back or not just wait and see any chances to exit or not. Myself will not wait for it to push back scare later break 0.15 then u will stuck there
1 month · translate
Down trend or side way
1 month · translate
Just my opinion, ktg will follow VC step during RI process?
1 month · translate
Yes Farid u r correct. Likewise the price will stand around 0.16 the lowest otherwise nobody will subscribe it but they is the possibility to go lower than that. Pls take note
1 month · translate
Accumulation stage
1 month · translate
Consolidation mode.
1 month · translate
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