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Thanks for the update
6 days · translate
Lost few hundred k already this week
1 week · translate
Results not so positive due to very competitive market and Vietnam is slowing down. NM one day lost 2 years dividend
1 week · translate
You will cut first
1 week · translate
This company still no project?
1 week · translate
@Mr white warrior. You can syndicate group or waterfish group?
2 weeks · translate
Hahaha AM can make share price skyrocket? First time i heard such thing
2 weeks · translate
@Taka Lim : It's more than1 week. So No need cut. If by end of May2024, above 0.35 i cut, If not you cut
2 weeks · translate
The trick is collect below RM0.29 and sell above RM0.31
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