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Sounds logic, after berak must sapu with toilet paper
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why berak this week?
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Malaysia market is saturated. 200,00 users probably equal to less than 100,000 companies. I was Autocount user more than 20 years ago. When market is limited, then growth is limited too. That's why they want IPO
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Most time when there is long term problems the major shareholders will hire operator to hike up the share price for them to exit. So, the real question is WHEN TO EXIT
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Be alert, those who use Taobao no longer use revenue platform for settlement. So, sales will down significantly 4 months ago
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fcpo now 3500, will stuck for 1 year
2 months · translate
This should be less than 5cents stock
2 months · translate
I bet will drop below 10cents within 6 months
3 months · translate
Something fishy, why make so little money during vaccine quarters but substantial losses this quarter?
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Aiyo, COVID-19 vaccine written off, overbought
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