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ini kalilah
23 hours · translate
u are an idiot.
Yesterday · translate
kasey, miss the boat ar? its ok lar..beh pangsai say floor is hard. i feel for u..go n cry somewhere else.
4 days · translate
huat ah...
2 weeks · translate
if not today then will be this week. enough of consolidation for another leg up.
3 weeks · translate
foreign investor also not stupid. u think they will invest in a subset industry that is on downtrend? only local buyers that trying to catch falling knife will take this risk.
3 weeks · translate
bye bro. u can buy back at 3.50
2 months · translate
rocket fuel ready!
2 months · translate
earnings dropping every year. also competition and illegal cigarettes playing major role.
2 months · translate
BAT keep on setting new record for lower low. good job BAT.
2 months · translate
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