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it's time to tp guys . thx leform to gain another 30% profit after QR discount
13 minutes · translate
tp when volume lower down. momentum still there with daily volume
4 days · translate
change name but not the company owner. gg 3brothers
4 days · translate
GG. 推高出货。明天这么跑
4 days · translate
everyone can fliesssss
4 days · translate
I think RSS is the main reason it keep falling.second problem is dividend low to compare with other banks. but will reverse soon I think
5 days · translate
tanco and widad also same pattern if u see clearly.
5 days · translate
jsb, artronic
5 days · translate
same like comfort ,drop then fly up. bursa ma. losing money fly up. hehe
5 days · translate
still got few more need me to list the remainder soldier to u ?
6 days · translate
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