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Look at candle and volume, we r near the bottom.
1 week · translate
Base on chart movement, it going down. Soon to break 20cents.
1 month · translate
LYC SG in the final stage for listing, good news
3 months · translate
Healthcare, take about 3-4years to become profitable. Normal in industry. The turnaround plan has delayed due to covid19
3 months · translate
26 cents on the cards
3 months · translate
Run for ur life.
3 months · translate
Revenue up, but loss also increase
4 months · translate
Not normal because very high volume. Must be epf dumping the shares
4 months · translate
Base on share price movement, unlikely turn to profitable. Might be loss reduce
4 months · translate
Lim, how did u know upcoming result profit 1.5mil?
4 months · translate
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