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Hahaha DSAI on the way to push 2nd round
Yesterday · translate
on 2nd monitoring it looks like going rubbish dy, haha no support at all
2 days · translate
going back to where it belongs, another rubbish counter
2 days · translate
today will go back to 25 sen, haha don't panicked guys
2 days · translate
DSAI said asb not related to me, haha, those bought yesterday sure piss off today
6 days · translate
told you guys, this is a rubbish company, get listed to sell worthless papers, old fox already dead,
1 week · translate
don't know when this useless jcy gonna wake up, really Holland counter
1 week · translate
Another kanasai counter, guess this syndicate had already caught lots of ikan bilis during these 2 years of goreng up and down putting sweet bait and today come the time to dry all the ikan bilis high and dry, so well planned job by this sharks
1 week · translate
another laosai counter today, hehe
2 weeks · translate
pokai counter, breaking 70 sen support soon, another HKC counter ,
2 weeks · translate
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