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Orang yang macam kita sudah tunggu lebih kurang satu tahun d tapi IRIS masih macam itu, naik tak banyak.
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Ai yor yor... nasib baik Iast Friday SELL d because I just wonder why selling volume higher than BUY a lot.
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Becoz this is Bursa. ^O^
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Most of the Kgroup investor also paper loss. Mostly 40-50% loss.
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Yar, invest in KGROUP is the big mistake because only TALK COCK.

* A company almost losing money every quarter but they still keep on invest into other losing money company like XOX. @[email protected]

* Promote right issue to invest into medical biz but how many month already, u just wanted to start import the test kit & somemore it just only 100,000 units.

* How abt other medical product? Didn't see any shadow yet. @[email protected]
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Don't know but I guess KGROUP will pointing us a new direction to Holland within this week.
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What I know is the right issue ex-date is just around the corner, if the share price still stay below RM0.10 then I believe some of the investor will suicide first then after 7 days (头七) they will be seek for the company director asking for money back.
6 months · translate
Yar... is really a fxxking company. At first they announce to issue warrant but after investor buy in then they just announced is "Renounceable Rights Issue".

To all newbies, if you plan to buy, think twice & take your own risk. This is a damn fxxking trap.
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Now the Right Issue for mother share was offer at RM0.05 & FREE 1 Warrant, KGROUP-OR if you hav purchase the mother. The warrant price still is a doubt. (Might b around RM0.025).
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