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Sabar sikit lagi yek
1 hour · translate
Adoi jahanam.Haahaa..
9 hours · translate
The only stock who didn’t fly after exiting PN17.Old price before consolidation is about 20 sen.Imagine if they didn’t consolidate.For sure fly to 50 sen at least
13 hours · translate
I did not said Dato Karim is still inside
Yesterday · translate
When you saw the name of Dato Karim,just run
3 days · translate
Quite frustrated it didn’t go below 80 sen.Even 83 sen also no touch
4 days · translate
Boleh naik lagi.Macam boleh pergi atas RM1 jek
4 days · translate
Sudah nak mula ke?Saya nak panaskan kuali
4 days · translate
Standby minyak masak
5 days · translate
Thank you.Many people don’t understand this.
5 days · translate
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