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kp tan
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Dy 10.%......
yutaka tong
airasia dividend 0.9. see what the price now
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yutaka tong
it will drop below 10 since negative news just out
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yutaka tong
check the edge news section
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Time and Space
Dude, don't just only focus on DY%, when a legendary company going sunset, it DY% will increase because base on history, but need beware on it ability of getting profit in future, if really a sunset sector, just the matter of time DY% will slowly decrease to 0 too.
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Kenny Ngg
the current dividend% showing is based on the past data.... As the profit drop, the dividend also will drop
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fish small
Agree with sean
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Henry Soon
Waiting gg on next financial report, pls review recently news
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Kok Wei
company isnt really sunset, but the incompetent govt fked up the balance between taxes n illicit cigarettes, or worst the prevalent corruption behind.....
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winson ws
U r right Kok Wei
Unless the law is being enforced, or else bat will still be tumbling. Imo taxes are unavoidable already to promote healthier lifestyle.
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Ricardo Siau
gentlemen, the issue at heart is the corrupted customs officers
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